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Wednesday September 1

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10:00 AM  –  10:50 AM

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Special Note to PAM and Silver Screen Members


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Your VR experience is limited to 50 minutes. It will take 5 min. to get you set up and 5 min. to wrap up and safely leave the exhibition.

Please familiarize yourself with the projects prior to arrival

The more time you spend picking out the projects you want to see in advance, the more time you can have in headset to enjoy the pieces.

Please note that all participants will remain with the same headset throughout the experience. Due to safety and sanitation, visitors won’t be allowed to change headsets. If you want to try a different headset, we ask that you reserve for a separate, hour session.

Please let us know if you require special accommodations prior to arrival. Please contact us at access@pam.org or 503-276-4284.

We ask that all visitors follow these health and safety regulations: 

  • Masks are required and must be worn during this event.
  • Coat and bag check will be closed, please leave backpacks and larger bags at home.Individuals experiencing disabilities will be allowed to keep their bags.

What to do upon arrival:

1. Please plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your ticket time through the main entrance of the Mark Building 1119 SW Park Avenue. The exhibition takes place in the Fields Sunken Ballroom.


2. Upon entry, please check in at the registration desk.


3. You will then be guided into the waiting area then taken to your assigned VR station.


4. A technician will acclimate you to your headset and you will be able to choose from as many projects as you can accommodate in your 50 min time slot. Upon entry, you’ll see a cue of options (not unlike when you watch TV and there are rows of movies/tv shows to choose from) and will select from them.



By reserving a headset, you are agreeing to follow these health and safety regulations.