Symbiosis: A Multisensory XR Story Experience by PAMCUT & Polymorf

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Sunday November 13

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1:00 PM  –  2:00 PM


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PAM CUT // Center for an Untold Tomorrow, the Portland Art Museum’s film and new media arm presents the U.S. debut of Symbiosis. One of the first multi-sensory XR (extended reality) storytelling experiences, this award-winning performative, multi-user installation takes the art of immersive storytelling to a whole new level.

This exhibition takes place at:

PAM CUT // Center For an Untold Tomorrow

934 SW Salmon St.

Portland, OR 97205

Through individualized haptic suits and soft robotics, as well as VR, sound, taste and smell-based story elements, the human body will be experientially redesigned to merge with technology and nature itself. Transporting participants 200 years into the future where a rich biosphere of mixed life-forms has taken over the earth: human-animal, and human-machine hybrids, each participant will embody a new lifeform and envision a post-human world where there is no competition, only symbiosis.

How It Works: Upon entry, all participants will be greeted by a host that will explain the basics of the experience; no prior knowledge or experience of VR is necessary to participate.

PAM CUT staff & volunteers will monitor and assist participants throughout the entire experience. Each session runs for roughly 45 minutes and up to six people can participate at a time. Participants will only experience one of the symbiotic creatures in each session. Each experience comes with an individualized uniquely designed soft robotic suit that manipulates your body, transforms your posture and sensory perception of the Symbiosis world. VR sensors and sound design attached to your creatures' suit will reveal your post-human body, and allows you to play and move in the Symbiosis world. The VR headsets are also equipped with olfactory fixtures that emit specially designed aromas that release in sync with each specific experience.

Although participants will be able to opt out of close-proximity scent emission, the exhibition space will still have a mixture of aromas. The scent that isn't recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing can be switched off and will not fill the space. For those highly sensitive to smell, participation in Symbiosis is not advised. For those with light sensitivities, PAM CUT recommends signing up for the earlier time slots each day or participating at their own discretion. 

The individual experiences build towards a collective eating ritual—sharing virtual and real foods. For this, a series of specially designed snacks infuse the virtual food with unexpected taste sensations. The vegetarian snacks provided will be designed by master chefs.

By purchasing a ticket, visitors acknowledge that the experience involves smell and food. Visitors will have the option to opt out of the food portion of the presentation. 

To experience Symbiosis as intended, visitors are encouraged to remove their shoes before entering the exhibition space. It is recommended to arrive wearing footwear that is easy to remove with comfortable socks.

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